The races are open to all those aged 18 and over on the date of the race, who are in possession of a sports medical certificate of fitness to take part in competitive activity (for Italian athletes Italian Ministerial Decree 18.02.1982 tab. B), valid on the date of the race and recognised by the country of residence, regardless of whether or not the participants belong to sports societies or federations. The medical certificate with a valid date for the OUT and GTO races must reach us before 30 June 2018 by e-mail (iscrizioni@outbg.it)

    Each person registered in OUT,GTO and Bergamo Urban Trail must also make a personal self-assessment aimed at taking into consideration:
    • his/her actual capacity for self-sufficiency in an alpine environment
    • his/her actual ability to manage any physical or psychological problems associated to the competition
    • that the organisation will obviously be prepared to handle emergency situations, but that it will, however, take action against the participant whenever his/her behaviour is due to a lack of preparation or negligence


    OUT is a particularly demanding course in optimal weather and visibility conditions, and becomes even more so in bad weather: the harshness of the land and several particularly wild and isolated sections mean that the organisation has to perform a personal assessment of those registered in the race.
    Therefore, only registrations from people who, at the time of entering, have concluded similar races are deemed valid.

    In order to evaluate a participant’s sporting curriculum objectively, the following databases will, therefore, be taken into consideration:
    • Performance index on the ITRA website
    • DUV statistik – only for that concerning the type of race: trail
    Therefore, the runners entitled to register are only those who, based on these two databases, can demonstrate that, in the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, they have:
    • concluded, regardless of the position in the ranking, at the time of registration, at least 1 XL race and/or 2 races: 1 L race + 1 M race;
    With regard to the types of race, the organisation shall utilise I-TRA’s definition of trail races:
    Trail Ultra Medium (M): from 42 km to 69 km
    • Trail Ultra Long (L): from 70 km to 99 km
    • Trail Ultra XLong (XL): from 100 km
    For any other information and explanations regarding the races with valid requirements, please write to info@outbg.it


    In the event you are unable to participate, the cancellation must be communicated via e-mail to the address iscrizioni@outbg.it.
    Participants can subscribe during the registration a cancellation insurance adding the fee of € 15,00 per OUT and GTO and € 5.00 per BGUT.
    The activation of this clause will allow full reimbursement of the registration fee (net of the insurance quote) in case of request.
    The insurance can not be signed out of the moment of registration. In case of conversion of the registration to another race you can not remove or add the insurance. In the case of conversion from BGUT to GTO / OUT, an integration of the quota has to be made.
    For the insurance subscribers, all redemption requests must be sent by email to iscrizioni@outbg.it no later than 10 days before the start of the race. If a competitor hasn't signed up the insurance and wishes to cancel the registration, the redemption fee will be paid in full with the following conditions:
    • Cancellation before 31/03/2018: refund of 50% of the fee
    • Cancellation before 31/05/2018: refund of 40% of the fee
    • Cancellation before 30/06/2018: refund of 30% of the fee
    • Cancellation after 30/06/2018: no refund
    You may not postpone the registration fee for the following year.
    A registration to GTO can be converted to OUT, from BGUT to OUT, from BGUT to GTO by requesting the conversion of the registration made previously via e-mail to the address iscrizioni@outbg.it, paying the difference between the amount paid and the price in force at the moment of the conversion request.
    A registration to OUT can be converted to GTO, from OUT to BGUT, from GTO to BGUT by requesting the conversion of the registration made previously via e-mail to the address iscrizioni@outbg.it, without receiving a refund of the price difference.

    The name of a participant can be exchanged before 30 June 2018 by presenting a request via e-mail to the address iscrizioni@outbg.it and attaching all the personal details necessary for registration, medical certificate and federation membership card (e.g. FIDAL, etc.), if in possession of the same, at a cost of 10,00€ for OUT and GTO and 5,00 € for BGUT as secretarial expenses.


    The registration process will close on 30 June 2018, unless the maximum number of participants is reached beforehand. The payment must be made through the online service by credit card or by bank transfer to ASSO OROBICA A.S.D. Sports Outdoor BANCA CREDITO COOPERATIVO DELL'OGLIO E SERIO AGENZIA NEMBRO IBAN IT 38 C 08514 53510 000000270434 - SWIFT ICRAITRREA0 . The payment must be made at the same time as submission of the registration form. If payment is not received within 10 days from when the form is submitted, the registration shall be deemed cancelled. Should, on verifying registration to the OUT race, the conditions for participation described in sect. 4.1 are not confirmed, the registration shall be considered null and void. To complete the registration, the medical certificate must be sent no later than 30 June 2018. Beyond that date and in absence of the same, the athlete will have no right to a refund.

    registration fees

    FROM 15/12/2017 TO 15/01/2018 € 145,00
    FROM 16/01/2018 TO 31/5/2018 € 165,00
    FROM 01/6/2018 TO 30/6/2018 € 185,00
    FROM 15/12/2017 TO 15/01/2018 € 75,00
    FROM 16/01/2018 TO 31/5/2018 € 95,00
    FROM 01/6/2018 TO 30/6/2018 € 115,00
    FROM 15/12/2017 TO 15/01/2018 € 25,00
    FROM 16/01/2018 TO 31/5/2018 € 30,00
    FROM 01/6/2018 TO 30/6/2018 € 35,00