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    We are proud to announce the activation of 7 Info Point Orobie Ultra-Trail® in Bergamo and Brescia area. 7 shops specialized in sports where you can register for the second edition of the two races, but also receive professional assistance concerning the obligatory equipment, required to take part in our competitions.
    Via Don O. Bolgeni, 3 - 24030 Carvico (BG)
    Telephone: +39 035.0840142

    From the great passion for mountain running born Campo Base, a shop where you can find high-end selected technical products: from apparel to backpacks, from technical shoes for running to poles, from integration to feeding; all in a welcoming environment where it is also possible to read a magazine, drink a coffee and share one's own sporting experiences. Campo Base is the starting point of several permanent trail paths and offers a bag storage, changing room and shower service. Campo Base organize:
    - dedicated theme nights (Integration, nutrition, physiotherapy, metal coach and much more)
    - days for testing technical products
    - trail running and Nordic walking courses
    You just have to discover a fantastic world.
    Via Provinciale, 23 Loc. Ponte Selva - Parre (BG)
    Telephone: +39 035.702393

    The sporting goods trade business was born in 2008 in Gromo in Val Seriana; It owes its success to the technical expertise and management capacity of its holders, Katrin and Maurizio and all the staff. Conduction through continuous training and the close relationship is able to offer high quality products and technical and is a landmark for the more prudent and prepared customers to entrust the solution of their problems and desires. The investment in the new and spacious commercial space of Parre in Ponte Nossa, has further marked the evolution and expansion of KappaeMmesport which, combined with the recent allocation of an elegant Web-Store for online sales, has landed beyond provincial boundaries and national.
    Via Carducci, 4 - Torre Boldone (BG)
    Telephone: +39 035.4175061

    The store offers a 360 ° overview from the beginner to the most experienced runner, so as to improve the quality of your workouts, your preparation and your results. Our team can provide consultations in all fields related to physical activity, running in particular, from training to food to the prevention of accidents. We conduct physical tests targeted practiced activity, to determine the physical condition linked to aerobic condition. We prepare customized training tables for all cross disciplines and a half-cross. Inside the store installed a station consists of a Professional treadmill, a camera and a screen through which you can record and see in real time the type of support in dynamic steps.