My name is indissolubly tied to mountaineering and I'm known above all for my high altitude mountain climbing far away from Italy and my home land in the Himalayas, Karakorum, the Andes, the Antarctic and all the other corners of the world that I've been lucky enough to travel to. So why am I talking about hiking trails?

    The Orobie mountains - training grounds for great mountaineers such as Riccardo Cassin, Walter Bonatti and Achille Mauri - have long been my own personal rock gyms, my climbing birthplace, where I constantly train and the place I return to every time after my far flung adventures. Although these mountains are part of the central and less well-known section of the Alps, they have shown themselves capable of offering a wealth of outdoor sport opportunities: trekkers can walk them, climbers can scale them, mountain bikers can cycle them and trail running lovers run the length of them.

    Some time ago a group of friends gave me this idea: to explore the whole Orobie mountain area, running its footpaths starting from its Queen the Presolana massif as far as Bergamo with the magnificent backdrop of the upper town just 50 km from Milan. These are MY mountains and I suggest you keep an eye on this event: because running is a fun, recreational and healthy sport. Because when he runs man leaves no outer trace but finds within himself great inner resources, beauty and a unique contact with his environment and landscape.