• Jacket requirements
    12 March 2015 To shed light on the issue of madatory equipment required and in particular on the jacket, we have defined the following rule for the acceptance of a dress suitable for the race:

    We will consider the technical hooded  jackets valid if made with breathable and waterproof certified membranes ( for example: Event, Gore-Tex® PacLite®, Gore-Tex® Pro, Gore-Tex® Active, Lowe Alpine Triplepoint®, Marmot MemBrain®, Mountain Hardwear Conduit). According to the unpredictable alpine weather we recommend jackets with waterproof values of 20k mm and breathability <6.

    For those who cannot prove the technology of their jacket, they can prove it by using the web device available for those in charge of controls, who are highly professional and with good knowledge of sport outfits. In case the technology of the jacket is not found,  the controller has the absolute license to accept or refuse the jacket.
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