• closing of registration for OUT and GO and extension for BGUT
    1 July 2018 The deadline for registrations for Bergamo Urban Trail has moved to July 15th!
    Regarding this extension, we specify that

    - it is applied only for BGUT and not for OUT and not even for GTO;
    - for these registrations the payment must be made at the same time as the registration (and not within 10 days);
    - it is no longer possible to request cancellation and reimbursement of the subscription without the insurance clause acitvated;
    - it is no longer possible to replace the name of a participant;
    - Conversion between competitions is no longer possible;
    - only for those who register between 1/7 and 15/7, the deadline for sending the medical certificate is 15/7 at midnight.

    If verification of registration by the secretariat will not confirm the conditions of payment and sending medical certificate registration will be considered null and void of appeal.

    Recall that the last date for registration to OUT and GTO is 30 June 2018 at midnight.

    The registration procedure can only be performed online through the official website until the last date.

    The same date is the term utlimo also for:
    - sending of the medical certificate according to the regulations;
    - addition of the shuttle bus for the athletes from Bergamo to the starting point (only for OUT and GTO). After the registration deadline it will still be possible to book the shuttle within July 16th 2018 at the cost of 10.00 € payable by bank transfer upon request to the address iscrizioni@outbg.it.