• Registration requirement OUT
    2 December 2014 OUT REQUIREMENT - Long Distance!

    The runners entitled to register are only those who, based on these two databases, can demonstrate that, in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015, they have:concluded, at the time of registration, 1 XL race in the three-year period, regardless of their position in the ranking, and/or concluded, at the time of registration, 1 L race + 1 M race in the three-year periodWith regard to the types of race, the organisation shall utilise I-TRA’s definition of trail races:Trail Ultra Medium (M): from 42 km to 69 km
    Trail Ultra Long (L): from 70 km to 99 km
    Trail Ultra XLong (XL): from 100 kmFor any other information and explanations regarding the races with valid requirements, please write to info@outbg.it before proceeding with registration.

    For requirements you can check on website: