• Elite Runners OUT & GTO 2018
    21 July 2018 Great challenge among the first rows of Orobie Ultra-Trail®:
    At the start line of Clusone there will be all the winners of the past 3 editions Marco Zanchi, Oliviero Bosatelli, Andrea Macchi and Paolo Rossi, 
    but they will not be alone:
    From Poland Ilya Marchuk and Piotr Rolbiecki, Jesper Noer from Denmark and the Spaniard Javier Blanco-Fink.
    And among all the old and new friends to run for podium there will be Matteo Colombo, Luca Moro, Maurizio Gualeni, Luca Guerini, Fabio Di Giacomo, Nicola Manessi, Emanuele Ludovisi, Marco Bonfante and Alex Tucci.
    And as in the year 2017 will the recordman of ultra distances Lucio Bazzana.

    Among the girls back on the Orobie after the victory of the 2016 edition Petra Muckova from the Czech Republic that will have to keep eyes on Melissa Paganelli, already on the top of the podium of GTO 2017.
    Together with Petra, Rossana Moré and Marina Plavan are back from the podium of the second edition, as well as Emanuela-Scilla Tonetti, Giulia Vinco, Isabella Lucchini and Teresa Mustica.
    After two first places in the women`s category on the distance of 140km absent special for a recent injury is Lisa Borzani, who will still be in Bergamo.

    At the start of the 4th edition of GTO from Lake Carona together with the record holder Luca Carrara we will find a starting grid ready to push to reach the fateful 8 hours of the race: Fulvio Dapit, the Argentinean Pablo Barnes, the Slovak Martin Halász, Sam McCutcheon from New Zealand, and the Valencians Diego Marin-Fabra and Lucas Boix.
    Without forgetting Stefano Rinaldi, Carlo Salvetti and Marco Rossi of the Erock team, Giovanni Gualdi, Fabio Bonfanti, Rota Donatello and Riccardo Faverio. Also Mario Poletti will be at the start for the second time on the track of 72km.

    ... and among the girls after having already won both gold and bronze medal  Virginia Oliveri is back, with the companions of the team Salomon Martina Valmassoi and Natalia Tomasiak. Then the New Zealand Sarah Dallas McCutcheon, and italians Elisabetta Lastri and Cristina Sonzogni and Milena Pirola from the Erock Team
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