• Orobie Ultra-Trail® 2019: 20 / 40 / 70
    15 January 2019 26 / 27 / 28 July 2019, Bergamo

    We`ve kept you waiting, but organizing a competition is very complex, especially a race that involves territories, administrations, public bodies, dozens of territorial subjects, about a thousand Volunteers and more than 2.000 athletes from all around the world.
    As announced, we have some news, three specifically: a new finish line, a new race and a new schedule for OUT.

    A New Finish Line

    In these years we have greatly loved Piazza Vecchia. It is a marvellous setting and one of the most outstanding finish line in Europe.
    Our event has grown a lot and, due to logistic and security issues, Piazza Vecchia has become a bit too narrow.
    For this reason, new finish line for now is supposed to be in Fara: always in Città Alta, but with a more appropriate space, both for its size and for the duration of the event. The idea is to make a series of proposals, not only during the race days, in order to create a real Outdoor Village.

    A new race: Marathon Trail Orobie (MTO)

    Our philosophy has always been to create a path of growth within this wonderful discipline by introducing even smaller distances so, after the Bergamo Urban Trail (20k, 700m D+), we are developing a new race: the Marathon Trail Orobie (every two years, at least in this phase alternating with OUT).
    A 42km trail with about 2.200 cumulative elevation gain: so, not a simple race, in line with in line with the difficulty of the two ultra races (OUT and GTO); with a new start and the same finish line of the other ones in Città Alta.
    Soon we will show the new path.

    The Orobie Ultra Trail race (140Km 9.500m D+) will be held every two years

    From a logistical and, mainly, economic point of view, this year we are not able to support the organization of the 140km guaranteeing the organizational and safety standards that we believe have distinguished us during the last years.
    The cost of the first 70km of the Orobie Ultra-Trail® is very high and we cannot afford other liabilities. Although in these years we have optimized all the costs, up to breaking even in the 2018 edition, this year we have to face new expenses regarding, in particular, the new finish line. 
    Gran Trail Orobie (70km, 4.300m D+) and Bergamo Urban Trail (20km, 700m D+) are confirmed also for the fifth edition without any kind of variation.

    The appointment is for the last weekend of July 2019, from 26 to 28. Save the date!

    Registration for all races will open in February.
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