• OUT 2019: Registrations are open
    1 March 2019 Finally here we are: the registrations for Gran Trail Orobie, Bergamo Urban Trail and the new Marathon Trail Orobie are open! 

    As usual, there will be three fee ranges based on how fast you sign up:

    Bergamo Urban Trail / BGUT (20km, 700m+)
    -    25€ from 1/3/2019 to 15/3/2019
    -    30€ from 16/3/2019 to 16/6/2019
    -    35€ from 17/6/2019 to 30/6/2019

    Marathon Trail Orobie / MTO (42km, 2.300m+) 
    -    50€ from 1/3/2019 to 15/3/2019
    -    65€ from 16/3/2019 to 16/6/2019
    -    80€ from 17/6/2019 to 30/6/2019

    Gran Trail Orobie / GTO (70km, 4.200m+)
    -    80€ from 1/3/2019 to 15/3/2019
    -    95€ from 16/3/2019 to 16/6/2019
    -    125€ from 17/6/2019 to 30/6/2019

    The races are open to all those aged 18 and over on the date of the race, who are in possession of a sports medical certificate of fitness to take part in competitive activity valid on the date of the race: choose the one that seems most appropriate for your desire to run on the Orobie!

    The GTO and BGUT tracks are the same as confirmed last year, except for the change of the finish line. All the info regarding MTO are listed below.
    For mandatory equipment and rules, you can go to the site. 

    The fourth distance is coming and this time it`s Olympic! 42 kilometers on the flat is the reference for the endurance race, the queen of the Olympics. We are really curious to see what you can do on a similar distance, but running on the technical paths of the mountains of Bergamo, with more than 2.000 meters of elevation gain!

    MARATHON TRAIL OROBIE42km, 2.300m D+

    MTO will start from beautiful San Pellegrino, in the shadow of the Gran Hotel and its Liberty villas, and will arrive together with the two sisters through the medieval buildings of Città Alta.

    Here is some useful technical data:
    Track: 42 km 2.300 m +
    Start: San Pellegrino Terme 7:00 saturday 27 july 2019
    Time Barrier: località Passata (Zogno): max 7:00 hours of race
    Race Time Limit: 12:00 hours
    Maximum number of participants: 500.

    The start takes place in San Pellegrino. Then immediately go up the CAI path 505 to Mount Zucco from Val Merlanga. After passing the GESP hut, follow the route descending towards Zogno, passing through the village of Pernice.
    After passing through the town and crossing the Brembo river, take the CAI path 514 to Romacolo, hiking up to Monte Castello and the time gate at Passata. After this, go straight on towards the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Perello, then take the obvious trail on the right that leads to the pass and junction with Via Salmezza.
    From here (around the twentieth kilometer) the junction with the GTO route takes place.

    Also for this edition the confirmed sponsor Pool is: IVS Italia, Lovato Eletric, Scame and Montello will be still at the side of Orobie Ultra-Tral®! We are glad to continue this collaboration, which once again is profound and goes beyond the simple economic support.
    Confirming to run aside with us, are our main sponsor Eolo and the technical partners Kratos, ElleErre and G-TO.
    They will not be the only ones to take part in this adventure with us: we are in the process of closing agreements with other companies. We will soon present all the sponsors, all the partners and all the organizations that have made the 2019 edition of Orobie Ultra-Trail® possible.