26 November 2015
    Bergamo, November 26th 2015
    The adventure is back once again. Starting in the wildest Orobie it will take you to the medieval heart of the city of Bergamo: starting December 1st 2015 the registrations for the second edition of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trai® - from 29th to 31 july 2016 - will open.
    Even for 2016 two ultra distances are on the agenda: 70 km for the Gran Trail Orobie with 4200 m EG starting in Carona at 10:00am on Saturday July 30th 2016 ( 24 hours maximum time allowed) and 140 km with 9500 m EG for the Orobie Ultra-Trail® starting in Clusone at 12:00pm on Friday July 29th 2016 (46 hours maximum time allowed). This second race has proven to be extremely demanding and selective, hard like only few other competitions can be. That’s how it was described by the two winners of the previous edition: Marco Zanchi and Lisa Borzani.
    The organization of Spiagames Outdoor Agency is setting up a second edition of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trai®, after a careful analysis of all suggestions coming from the questionnaires sent to all the participants of the first 2015 edition. Along with these suggestions there were also multiple tips of the top level athletes, making it possible to improve some aspects of the previous edition.
    One of the new main features will be in fact a continuous shuttle service between Città Alta and the Race Office, in order to make transfers easier for all the finishers from the finish line to the shower/parking area. Clauses have been added, which allow to change the name of the assigned bib, the possibility of postponing the registration to 2017 and eventual reimbursements due to second-thoughts.
    With that said, on December 1st 2015 registrations to the two races will open, although the nearly 200 pre-registered athletes will have an exclusive access to the registrations starting on November 24th 2015.
    To participate in the great adventure of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trai® - the only Ultra Trail race that starts  in the heart of the Alps and arrives in a medieval town – it is mandatory to present a medical certificate and in addition only for the 140 km competition the “finisher” status in similar races.

    The registration fee from the 1st to the 31st of December 2015 will stay well below the parameter that links the number of kilometers to the cost of participation. The prices will be of € 110.00 to sign-up for the Orobie Ultra-Trail® and € 60.00 for the Gran Trail Orobie. Starting in 2016, the cost of both races will then increase and once again even at the end of May, provided that the maximum number set by the organization is not reached before, that means 700 athletes for Orobie Ultra-Trail® and 1300 athletes for Gran Trail Orobie.
    For all the details on the 2016 edition of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail®, we kindly invite you to carefully read the complete regulation, in the specific section on the web page.
    To sign-up or to find out more: www.orobieultratrail.it
    Orobie Ultra Trail® (OUT) -  Competition worth 4 UTMB® points.
    140 km with 9.500 meters of elevation  gain – Starting from Clusone July 29th  2016 at 12.00 pm.
    46 hours maximum time for the race . It is required to have completed in the years 2014/2015/2016 an XL Ultra Trail® race or an L and an M.
    Gran Trail Orobie (GTO) – Competition worth 2 UTMB® points.
    70 km with 4.200 meters of elevation gain – Starting from Carona July 30th 2016 at 10.00am.
    24 hours maximum time for the race. No participation requirement except for medical certificate.
    For info and press material:
    Press Office Orobie Ultra-Trail®
    via Borgo Palazzo 272, 24125 Bergamo
    info@outbg.it – pr@spiagames.it