22 December 2015
    Bergamo, December  22th 2015

    It’s time for every trailrunner to make decisions: December is the month in which one must plan the next season, the next challenges, the next goals!

    If you’re looking for an exciting and unique adventure – just like the trail that takes you from the Alps to the heart of a Medieval town – then the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail® and the  Gran Trail Orobie are waiting for you!

    Therefore we remind you that the special fees are available only for a few more days: starting on January 1st 2016, the new registration fees will be applied, respectively € 125.00 for Orobie Ultra-Trail® and € 75,00 € for Gran Trail Orobie.
    Both competitions feature a technical and tough terrain, especially for the 140km race, as stated by various participants of the 2015 edition, first off Marco Zanchi and Lisa Borzani, winners of the past edition. As an objective proof of the difficulty of the course, there are their official finishing times: 23h37m58s and 28h07m19s, times that are in fact longer than expected, even compared to ultratrails with longer distances.

    Regardless of the trail you choose – OUT, 140km 9500 m +el.g., starting in Clusone or GTO, 70km 4200 m +el.g starting in Carona – we assure you a mighty adventure, which will leave memories of weariness, sharing but most of all true joy the moment you cross the longed for finish line in the heart of Città Alta, in the beautiful setting of Piazza Vecchia.

    To immerge yourselves into the atmosphere of the Orobie and get a glimpse of what you can experience from July 29th to 31st 2016, don’t miss the new video, following this email, and live once again with us the unforgettable emotions of the first edition of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail®!

    Don’t just sit and watch…take part yourself in the challenge!

    To sign-up or to find out more: www.orobieultratrail.it
    Orobie Ultra Trail® (OUT) -  Competition worth 4 UTMB® points/6 new
    140 km with 9.500 meters of elevation  gain – Starting from Clusone July 29th  2016 at 12.00 pm.
    46 hours maximum time for the race . It is required to have completed in the years 2014/2015/2016 an XL Ultra Trail® race or an L and an M.
    Gran Trail Orobie (GTO) – Competition worth 2 UTMB® points/4 new
    70 km with 4.200 meters of elevation gain – Starting from Carona July 30th 2016 at 10.00am.
    24 hours maximum time for the race. No participation requirement except for medical certificate.
    For info and press material:
    Press Office Orobie Ultra-Trail®
    via Borgo Palazzo 272, 24125 Bergamo
    info@outbg.it – pr@spiagames.it