• #2 ed. 2017 - Welcome Bergamo Urban Trail!
    6 December 2016
    2017 Orobie Ultra-Trail®, opening of registration and a great news
    Bergamo, 6th december 2016

    OUT gets 3. At its third edition, the most important event of the Orobic Alps, that will take place from 28th to 30th July 2017 will be enriched with a new race dedicated to all the “terrestrial” trail runners. While the Orobie Ultra-Trail® and Gran Trail Orobie specifications are made for super men, the new Bergamo Urban Trail features 20 km length and 700m D+ and is the choice for every enthusiast with a minimum of training in their legs

    The BGUT race format, with night run, start and finish line in Bergamo, itinerary in the Parco dei Colli, 4 hours maximum race time and runners number up to 500, has been decided to engage even more enthusiasts and common people.

    As regards the two main and classic races, OUT and GTO, only a few adjustments have been made to the course as to fix it at a top world level, while every other aspect has been confirmed. The same for all the events that used to take place during the three days of sport, as well as for the organizer and deus ex-machina Spiagames Outdoor Agency, with the help of ASD Asso Orobica and the thousands of fantastic volunteers.

    The registration for the athlets racing the Orobie Ultra-Trail® and Gran Tour Orobie are already opened while for every people attending the new Bergamo Urban Trail registration opens on 1st december.
    Entry fees (until 31/12/16) will be 25 euros for Bergamo Urban Trail, 60 euros for Gran Tour Orobie and 120 euros for Orobie Ultra-Trail®.

    Finally, Christmas is coming and everybody is looking for suggestions to their gifts, that’s why we decided  to give the opportunity to make a present of registration to each of the three races. A great surprise for a friend who will live these events in first hand experience. See the dedicate website page here.

    Reda Rewoolution, title sponsor of the first two editions of Orobie Ultra-Trail®, will no longer be among the sponsors that support our event. We take this opportunity to thank all the people that in these years we have had the pleasure of working, in particular the Company`s Property that he believed the first in this project, allowing us to make it happen. Thank you!
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