29 July 2018
    Orobie Ultra-Trail® 2018


    Bergamo, 29th July 2018
    After 23 hours, 14 minutes and 31 seconds, the new record of the race, the first person to reach Piazza Vecchia was Marco Zanchi! His presence at the Orobie Ultra-Trail® was almost a guarantee: Zanchi is, in fact, the first man to win this leading Orobie race twice, a feat up until now only achieved by Lisa Borzani. In first place for the women, Isabella Lucchini, her first achievement in the Orobie mountains, in 31h 07min 25s.
    The afternoon of Saturday 28th July saw Luca Carrara win the Gran Trail Orobie, in a time of 8 hours, 40 minutes and 52 seconds, and Martina Valmassoi 9h 34min 02s. Finally, the last to be mentioned, but in reality the first to pass under the vaults of Palazzo della Ragione on Friday evening, were the winners of Bergamo Urban Trail: Maurizio Vanotti in 1h 24m
    26s and Alice Colonetti in 1h 45m 22s.
    This year’s race, which was marked by excellent weather, broke records for the number of participants: from Clusone some 309 athletes departed to tackle the 140 kilometres and 9,500 metres of elevation gain of the Orobie Ultra-Trail® (this year they could be followed in real time thanks to the GPS offered by Eolo, a new feature appreciated by all!), while 1,148 left Carona for the 70 km and 4,200 metres elevation gain of the Gran Trail Orobie. Another 620 participants, on Friday evening under a very beautiful blood moon, took part in the 20 kilometres and 700 metres of elevation gain of the Bergamo Urban Trail. A total of 2,077 people from some thirty different countries, testifying the great attraction of the Orobie mountains and Province of Bergamo to Italian and foreign runners. The considerable
    presence of participants from Poland is also worthy of note – some 43 athletes from this country raced over the three distances!
    All three races finished, as is tradition, in splendid Piazza Vecchia, much to the satisfaction of the athletes, who crossed the finish line under the beautiful vaulted ceilings of Palazzo della Ragione in front of a crowd of supporters.
    A special thank go to the almost 900 volunteers. Without their passion and without their generosity, is impossible been able to organise this wonderful event: there are one of the pillars of the Orobie Ultra-Trail®, thank you!
    Some heartfelt thanks also go to the Pool of companies committed for three years to providing financial support (and not only that) to the Orobie Ultra-Trail®. Lovato, IVS Italia,
    Scame and Montello have supported the organisation and gone above and beyond what would normally be expected. To these firms, is necessary add the numerous sponsors and all institutional partners, demonstrating how sport makes it possible to form networks and effectively promote and enhance the Bergamo area.
    A thank goes also to all those people who lined the paths and roads where the race was held: your affection and encouragement raised spirits and transmitted energy not only to the athletes.

    Last but not least, a big thank goes to Spiagames and Asso Orobica ASD: without their determination in committing to this event each year, the Orobie Ultra-Trail® could not exist.

    Orobie Ultra-Trail
    1. Marco Zanchi 23h 14min 31s (new record)
    2. Oliviero Bosatelli 24h 05min 40s
    3. Fabio Di Giacomo 25h 31min 56s
    1. Isabella Lucchini 31h 07min 25s
    2. Emanuela Scilla Tonetti 32h 13min 45s
    3. Giulia Vinco 32h 13min 45s

    Gran Trail Orobie
    1. Luca Carrara 8h 40min 52s
    2. Sam McCutcheon (NZ) 8h 45min 34s
    3. Martin Halasz (SVK) 8h 48min 55s
    1. Martina Valmassoi 9h 34min 02s
    2. Natalia Tomasiak (POL) 10h 57min 08s
    3. Giulia Zanotti 11h 11min 34s

    Bergamo Urban Trail
    1. Maurizio Vanotti 1h 24min 26s
    2. Simone Viola 1h 28min 03s
    3. Luca Coffetti 1h 28min 04s
    1. Alice Colonetti 1h 45min 22s
    2. Paola Pezzoli 1h 47min 31s
    3. Chiara Milanesi 1h 47min 40s

    Oldest 1945 - > 73 years old
    Youngest 1999 -> 18 years old
    Oldest 1956 - > 62 years old

    Youngest 1999 -> 18 years old
    Men 84%
    Women 16%
    Average age
    under 30 --> 13%
    30 – 40 --> 31%
    40 – 50 -> 34%
    50 – 60 --> 19%
    Over 60 --> 3%
    Italians 90%
    Foreigners 10%
    Nationality with most number of participants
    1- Poland
    2- Slovakia
    3- Germany
    Farthest country with athlete participating:
    New Zealand
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