31 October 2018
    Bergamo, 13/10/2018

    €600,000. This figure, according to an estimate that takes into account expenditure for transport, lodging and other costs, is how much linked revenue was generated by Orobie Ultra-Trail® during the days of the event.

    A volume of business that benefitted traders throughout the city of Bergamo, as well as in the valleys and towns where the three races were held. The calculation also takes into account the business generated by the hundreds of foreigners who came from thirty different nations, which also had a positive effect on Orio al Serio Airport.

    Not included in this amount, but however important to mention, is the heightened image that Bergamo province has achieved by hosting an international event of this kind, which is followed by thousands of people. In addition, it is impossible to accurately calculate all those positive aspects associated with the creation of a community (not only made up of athletes, but also of more than 900 volunteers who each year dedicate their time and energy) and the promotion of a healthy sport in harmony with nature: all valuable factors that cannot be directly quantified in monetary terms.

    On the other hand, the cost of the event is over €250,000; a commitment met for the most part by the Bergamask agency Spia Games, which is specialized in the organization of outdoor events, as well as being creator and co-organizer of the event with ASD Asso Orobica.
    Beginning last year, valuable assistance also came from a pool of OUT sponsors: Lovato, IVS Italia, Scame and Montello. These are all companies that, even though they also operate outside of Italy, focus their intention on the area where they were founded and have retained their roots. Thanks to these firms, but also the collaboration of Eolo, the 2018 edition closed with a well-balanced budget.

    The aim, however, is to continue to grow, both in terms of numbers and quality: the search for new partners is always ongoing!