• giovanni storti

    To tell the truth as a child speed was what I specialised in. By the time I ran away from my mother's apron strings I had gained a sprinting speed which made me the fastest in the middle school at the 60 metres on the flat. It was only over the years that I moved closer to the 'endurance' side of running above all in contexts in which nature is undisputed ruler and it is for this reason that I like the Orobie Ultra-Trail® project.

    Nature, when you make profound contact with her, is a powerful teacher and the mountains are classrooms in which you learn those unforgettable life lessons that you put into practice for the rest of your life. Everywhere. It is discovery. It is adventure. The magic of running is this. Running makes you feel alive.

    It will be great fun to try my hand at some of the sections of the Orobie Ultra-Trail® and, work commitments permitting, you know that I'll be there at the starting line for the first edition. I'll run to have fun, to meditate, for the company, to see places, to push my limits and compete with others, to increase my stamina, to learn to accept the unforeseen and give my chicken legs a little dignity!