• Photography contest of Orobie Ultra-Trail®
    18 April 2016 It is free of charge, the only requirements are the use of Instagram, to mention in the post the name of the place in province of Bergamo (also with geotag), the use of the #orobieultratrail hashtag and the specific hashtag regarding the month’s topic, as specified as follows.

    Starting from today until May 15th the specific hashtag to use is #OUTnature16 and the subjects of the photos have to be exclusively landscapes. Unleash your fantasy to find the most evocative glimpse, the most secret corner that according to you is the most representative of our mountains.

    From May 15th to June 15th the specific hashtag to use will be #OUTpeople16 and the subjects of the photos will have to be exclusively people. Capture the fatigue and the joy of your training partners or of yourselves, or tell your stories through the portraits of the people you meet during your training sessions.

    From June 15th to July 15th the specific hashtag to use will be #OUTb&w16, where “bw” stands for black/white and it consists exclusively in black and white photos. In this case there are no restrictions as for subjects, being as the only requirement is to use shades of grey.

    Each campaign will award 3 winners, who will each win an “OUT” safety kit that the OUT and GTO participants have already appreciated at the past edition. They can then pick it up at the offices of Spiagames Outdoor Agency in Bergamo. The winners will be the authors of the three pictures, which in each period will receive the most likes, respecting the contest rules: use of the two hashtags and indication of the location in Bergamo where the photo was taken or geotag.

    In a simple way:

            -> 15/5 #orobieultratrail + #OUTnature16 + place/geotag
    15/5 -> 15/6 #orobieultratrail + #OUTpeople16 + place/geotag
    15/6 -> 15/7 #orobieultratrail + #OUTbw16 + place/geotag
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