18 July 2016 RACE OFFICE
    Online pre-registration should be formalised at the Race Office inside Palanorda, Palazzetto dello Sport (Sports Hall) in Bergamo, in Piazzale Enrico Tiraboschi, Bergamo.

    Here, race bibs and race packs can be collected, equipment is checked and drop bags, containing spare clothing/equipment, are handed over and picked up (the transport and care of bags is handled by the organisation).

    Each competitor must go to the Race Office to complete the registration procedure, taking:

    - a valid identity document;
    - the registration ID number;
    - race backpack containing all mandatory equipment.
    - the document “Declaration of responsibility” (download it here)

    N.B. registration can be carried out by another authorised party, who must arrive with a letter of authorisation from the participant and the valid identity document(s) of the participant(s) and all the equipment listed above (download the document).

    Delegates must bring:

    - Delegation form;
    - their ID;
    - Athlete ID;
    - Backpack, the person delegating will use during the race with all mandatory equipment.

    In case of total/partial loss of the documentation and/or mandatory equipment the organization does not validate the registration.

    Official briefing will be projected on a screen at the entrance. During this meeting, updates and additional details regarding the competition will be presented.

    Buses provided by the organisation to reach the starting points can be used only by those who have reserved places on line, and will depart from the same location. 

    During the entire process of arrivals is active, for the exclusive use of athletes, a Shuttle Service from/to the Upper Town of Bergamo, (subject to access limitation) where the finish line is located, to PalaNorda where are positioned the services of Showers, Heavy refreshment point, Emergency Shelter and physiotherapy assistance. The service is available at the following times and modes:

    From Saturday 30 at 13.00 to Sunday 31 at  13:00. Leaving every 30 minutes from City High, Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe (200 meters from the finish line), single stop at the PalaNorda, return to High City, stop in Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, and so on. The shuttle will be identifiable by the sign "Servizio Speciale" and links will be distinguished by at the logo OUT.

    All competitors (or authorised parties) may collect the bags used in the rest areas at the Finish Line in Piazza Vecchia on Sunday 31, by presenting their bib. 

    Any updated times can be consulted on the official website www.orobieultratrail.it.

    Opening of Race Office 
    Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo:
    Thursday 28 from 8.00 to 23.00
    Friday 29 from 7.00 to 23.00 (at 10.00 for OUT)

    Time barrier for delivery of rest areas & finish line bags  
    Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo:
    OUT: Friday 29 from at 10.00 
    GTO: Friday 29 ato 23.00
    *it will not be possible to deliver the bags Saturday morning

    Departure of buses to Clusone OUT
    Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo
    Friday 29 at 9.30

    Atheltes Roll Call for OUT
    Piazza dell’orologio, Clusone:
    Friday 29 at 11.00

    Piazza dell’orologio, Clusone:
    Friday 29 at 12.00

    Departure of buses to Carona GTO:
    Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo:
    Saturday 30 at 7.00

    GTO start Roll Call:
    Via Lungolago 2, Carona
    Saturday 30 at 8.30

    Via Lungolago 2, Carona
    Saturday 30 at 10.00

    Opening Showers - Recovery Area:
    Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo:
    from Saturday 30 at 00.00 to Sunday 31 at 16:00 

    Opening Heavy Refreshment Point - After finish line:
    Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo:
    from Saturday 30 at 12.00 to Sunday 31 at 16:00 

    Physiotherapy Support
    in charge of Dott. Ft. Giorgio Piccioli Capelli 

    Friday 29 from 7.00am to 10.00am Taping pre-gara c/o Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo.
    From Friday 29 at 18.00 to Saturday 30 at 02.00 c/o Base Vita di Valbondione.
    Saturday 30 from 05.00 to 11.00 c/o Base Vita passo di Zambla.
    From Saturday 30 at 12.00 to Sunday 31 alle 12.00 c/o Palanorda, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo.


    OUT - No. 3 personal belonging bags
    Bag 1: rest area Valbondione
    Bag 2: rest area Passo di Zambla
    Bag 3: rest area Bergamo’s Upper Town

    GTO – No. 1 Personal belonging bag
    Bag 1: finish line Bergamo’s Upper TownThe organization is entirely in charge of the transportation of the bags at all stages.
    Hand in Rest Area Bags during registration
    “PalaNorda” Sport Center, Piazzale E. Tiraboschi, Bergamo:
    * Race Office timetable

    Pick up Finish line Bags
    Piazza Vecchia, Città Alta, Bergamo
    from Sunday July 31 at 8:00am
    Pick up Rest Area Bags after race
    Piazza Vecchia, Città Alta, Bergamo
    Sunday July 31st  from 8:00am to 4:00pm


    Personal and private assistance of athletes is permitted only in specific areas at the official refreshment points; it is absolutely forbidden along the route. Assistance of athletes is permitted at the following refreshment points:

    Valbondione – 41 km
    Rifugio Alpe Corte – 80 km
    Passo di Zambla – 97 km
    Selvino – 116 km

    Rifugio Alpe Corte – 13 km
    Passo di Zambla – 29 km
    Selvino – 49 km

    Thursday July 28th 2016 – double appointment.

    At 6:30pm there will be the Opening Press Conference of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail® at “Domus Bergamo” in Piazza Dante, Bergamo.
    At 20:45 pm a storytelling night  hosted by Emilio Previtali and Fulvio Bazzana, at the Headquarter of Parco dei Colli, via Valmarina, Bergamo.

    All the information in this document can be found, more in details, in the Official Regulation on the website. Every athlete must know perfectly the competition’s Official Regulation.

    Every athlete, starting Wednesday July 27th, must check the official Orobie Ultra-Trail Facebook page to get to know and understand all the information and eventual last-minute changes regarding the race and logistics.

    For any need or issue the RACE OFFICE is at your complete disposal during opening hours.
    For important or urgent issues you can call the following contact: info@outbg.it

    DOWNLOAD FORM Declaration of responsibility

    DOWNLOAD FORM Delegation of Authority 
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