23 July 2016 Reda Rewoolution, title sponsor of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra Trail, is a brand of sportswear made of pure Merino wool, which was created by Reda, a historic woollen mill in Biella and a leader in the production of fabrics with over 150 years of experience.

    Continuous innovation and the use of prime raw materials, together with Italian style, have enabled Reda Rewoolution to create a new product, an alternative to synthetic materials. It delivers the best to athletes looking for performance and comfort, but who do not want to relinquish style, harmony with the environment and respect for nature.

    It is precisely this last point that led us to believe and support, from the very beginning, the Orobie Ultra Trail, because we have identi ed in this project many of the values in which we believe: sport, nature, challenge and the spirit of sacri ce to achieve something important.

    Your company was founded in 1865, 150 years of work but above all values: What are yours?

    These have been 150 years of corporate consistency, convinced and convincing choices, powerful inspiration, targeted goals and total satisfaction. They have been years of constant work with the end goal of placing experience at the service of excellence. An entrepreneurial story that, during these years, has interwoven the value of our people with the unique quality of our wool, giving life to fabric created with passion and tenacity.

    Behind every company there are people: how many people work in your group, what qualities do they have?

    Today, Reda has four hundred people, both blue-collar workers and clerical sta ; two categories seemingly worlds apart, but which in reality move within the same mechanism where each component is indispensable. In addition to experience, talent and passion, quali cations that all people in the Reda team possess, I would like to underline that what makes the di erence is our propensity for change. The Reda philosophy has always be built on attributing great value to its artisan and local resources, as well as to investments in technology and research so that it can face even this economic situation appropriately, knowing how to respond to the needs of a market in continuous transformation. Only by acting in this way and by paying the utmost attention to the qualities and creativity of our team will we know how face the inevitable changes happening in the world in a suitable manner.

    Can you give us three adjectives to describe your company?

    Reda is certainly innovative, ecological and, last but not least, Italian.

    What is your opinion of the outdoor world/market? 

    It is world in continuous evolution and above all not yet congested with

    large fashion brands like that of the world of formal clothing. It is a more dynamic world, de nitely in search of high performance as well as quality and image, and it is precisely for this reason we have good growth margins.

    What is your outstanding feature, in what do you excel?

    We excel in our knowledge of a valuable raw material such as wool. Our factories in New Zealand were acquired precisely in order to understand how we could improve the quality – already excellent – of our garments in order to obtain a bre as near perfect as possible. I don’t want to say that wool in general is the best material for sport, however it is a valid alternative for those who love nature and sports in the countryside, who perhaps prefer to enjoy leisure time and sporting activities outdoors wearing a natural, non-synthetic bre. We excel in the fact that we monitor our supply chain from the eece to the nished product, and this is undoubtedly synonymous with absolute quality. We excel because our team has talent, has experience and has engrained in their DNA what I like to call the “art of know-how” and it’s a know-how that has been handed down from generation to generation.

    What are the styles that make you proud of your collection?

    In our latest collection and, speci cally, for the ultra trail, I can say, but above all recommend our VANGUARD t-shirt and its female equivalent as well as the Anik vest as it is a new concept in rst layers, being both heat-regulating and naturally elastic thanks to our Reda Active Merino Mesh, the structure of which allows e ective perspiration even in extreme conditions.

    Why did you decide to become title sponsor of the Orobie Ultra Trail?

    We are the title sponsor of OUT because we have found a strong link between our idea of sport and that of the world of competitions of this type. I think that ultra trails are a clear expression of all those healthy values that sport transmits: spirit of sacri ce, loyalty, commitment. And all these values are the foundations of our brand, which is strongly connected to nature and respect for the countryside. Our product is 100% natural so that we can feel at one with the surrounding environment during physical activity, a time when we are alone with ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

    What do you appreciate most about this competition?

    It’s di cult to compile a list because since the very beginning, rstly on paper and then by following the routes, we felt a powerful kinship between our team and that of OUT. Having to choose, however, I’d say the continuous challenge, the spirit of sacri ce, the commitment and the respect for nature. Our motivation, which I hope is the same for many if not all, is the desire to always act with enthusiasm, running towards the peak with determination, so that we can challenge ourselves and, in this case, the whole of Bergamo.

    In addition to the Orobie Ultra Trail, I imagine you are promoters of other events. Could you name them please?

    Immediately after OUT, in September, our team will be involved in Chamonix in the “Trail des aiguilles rouges” because we never stop and only through races of this calibre and through e ort can we really test our products, understand their performance thoroughly and, wherever possible, make improvements. 

    Ercole Botto Poala
    CEO Successori Reda Spa 

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