• Photos Orobie Ultra-Trail® 2017
    2 August 2017 HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR PHOTOS?
    Download app ENDU for free and look your photos of
    orobie-ultra-trail already on-line on your smartphone or visit:

    How it works? It`s easy! Insert the code you find on your pectoral near QRcode
    Don`t worry if you don`t find your code

    Contatct: PIX@ENDU.NET

    They help you to find it!
    In a perfect privacy compliance system photos are avaible only by person have the abbinated code.
    Will be only your decision if and how show your photos with friends and ENDU`s community.
    Choose you preferite photos or bring full album at a special price!

    Endupix is a supplementary service that the organisation adopted for the first time to allow the single competitor to buy his own pictures right after the race.
    Following the instructions you found in the envelope you were given at the race office the positioning of the race number and of the added code is essential for the automatic identification.
    Consequently you could not be automatically included in the list by the system.
    All the pictures that are refused by the automatic identification system have one been controlled one by one and included manually when it`s possible: the loaded pictures are 19226.
    Besides not all the photographers you met on the track belong to the organisation or to Endupix, lots of them are amateurs or not accredited professionals (who the organisation has no kind of agreement with).
    This service doesn`t replace the race pictures that as in the last editions 
    will be available since September.
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