• OUT 2018: Two months to go!
    23 May 2018 Bergamo, 23 May 2018

    about 2 months left at the start of the 4th edition of Orobie Ultra-Trail® to be held from 27 to 29 July 2018.
    First of all we renew our thanks to all the volunteers, companies and local administrations that are supporting the event and that allow us to make it possible.
    We present in this communication interesting news and some useful reminders to members and those interested in the event

    Race Office / New Location!
    After the first three editions, the Race Office will move from the Palanorda into a new structure:the sports center of the Italcementi pools. As for the previous location here will be located an Expo Village of partners and sponsors, accreditation services, delivery bags, showers, pasta party and the Bus departure areas for Clusone (OUT) and Carona (GTO) **.
    Italcementi Sports Center, Via Statuto 43, Bergamo IT
    ** Official times and dates will be announced later.

    Just a few days for the 2nd price range!
    The day Thursday 31 May 2018 is the last day to register to one of the races of Orobie Ultra-Trail® taking advantage of the second price range. The next stage of registration cost will remain active until the end of June, after which the registrations will be officially closed.

    Orobie Ultra-Trail® host the IUTA 2018 Trophy of Regions!
    Trail running is an individual sport, but there is a way to live it as a group. The IUTA (Italian Ultramarathon and Trail Association) Regional Trophy is a team competition, in which each Italian region can form two teams (one male and one female) composed of 6 people. The sum of the 3 best times in each of the stages of the circuit will determine the winning regions.

    The three stages for 2018 are the Vibram Maremontana Trail (44 km) in Loano (SV), the Trail dei Nebrodi (66 km) in Cesarò (ME) and finally Orobie Ultra-Trail® (140km).

    Registered to the races: Pay attention!
    If you are registered in one of our races remember to check your registration status on the list and send the medical certificateaccording to the methods indicated, no later than the established date. We recommend all the registered persons reviewing the official regulation and our FAQS to solve any type of doubt. Remember that we are available writing atinfo@outbg.it.