• The Birrificio Indipendente Elav (“Independent Brewery Elav”) was founded in Comun Nuovo, in the province of Bergamo in 2010 becoming in just a few years one of the most known craft breweries in Italy and worldwide.

    Elav is partner in the Orobie Ultra-Trail® and it will be present with various stands in three strategic spots of the race: Clusone, Selvino, Città Alta. To make this collaboration even stronger they have crafted the Ultratrail Italian Runner Ale, a craft beer that, in its recipe has Goji berries and ginger: a long and demanding process divided into 6 stages, just like the long and demanding run that the participants of Orobie Ultra-Trail® and Gran Trail Orobie will take on.
    In just five years the Birrificio Indipendente Elav has become an entity known nationally and internationally capable of balancing the great request for beer in Italy and abroad with exclusively and really handcrafted and manual processes.

    Going from a first 300 liter plant to a 2000 liter one, always manual, is the key to the brewery’s success and despite the exponential growth it doesn’t abandon its secret ingredient, which is crucial to respect its philosophy, thanks to which it can reach such quality in its beers.

    300.000 liters have been produced in 2014 and in 2015 an estimated 700.000 liters of craft beer will be produced. Five years of business and a growth that exceeds 1000% in terms of production, more than 20 types of beer with original recipes, tens of awards won in international contests in France, Belgium, Australia and multiple prestigious collaborations in the whole of Italy.

    Elav’s story is not a fable, it’s the outcome of the ability in the art of brewing along with a work devotion and openness in communication. In a food&beverage market where production ethics are mainly just a slogan, Elav, in a totally natural way, simply make them the reason of its achieved goals and the future ones. It doesn’t just preach its craftsmanship, it executes this way, all along.
    To confirm the craftsmanship of the Birrificio, in 2014 the Società Agricola Elav (“Elav Agricultural Enterprise”) was founded, where 5 types of hop are cultivated along with medicinal plants, berries and other organic plantations, used for the ordinary production and creation of new experimental beers. The first 2 hectares of land are in Val d’Astino, Bergamo, at the foot of Città Alta, around the Monastero Vallombrosano, which dates back to the 11th century, where the monk farmers of the surrounding areas resided. These lands, after 200 years of inactivity find once again their original use, giving its fruits prestige and quality as a result of one thousand years of history, besides the breathtaking landscape. Not only Val d’Astino but also new ambitious projects will come to life in a few months and where the bond with the land will be something extraordinary.

    All beers produced by the Brewery are natural, non-filtered and non-pasteurized with a preference for high fermentation.
    The Ultratrail Italian Runner Ale is the result of the inspiration coming from the sport it is dedicated to: a beer for real men, a beer the taste of which is a reflection of handcrafted work and the physical effort of the athletes. Slightly alcoholic and very reintegrating thanks to the nutritional values of Goji berries and ginger, the Ultratrail Italian Runner Ale is the proof that beer is not only fun, not only art but an actual nourishment.