• REDA REWOOLUTION - Brand identity
    20 June 2016
    Reda Rewoolution: the activewear revolution
    Eco-friendly, Performance, Comfort, Made in Italy
    Reda Rewoolution is a fusion of Italy’s great textile traditions and cutting-edge production technology. To symbolise this union and evolution our new logo features two intertwined balls of wool that represent the concept of infinity, like the infinite space in which man demonstrates a gift for taking on nature’s challenges. The design also symbolises how the two brands share exactly the same values, and concepts of brand identity and personality: sustainability, quality, and Made in Italy. Two passionate spirits merged in one company.
    Every day since 1865 four generations have been perfecting the art of transforming wool into technically advanced weaves to make outstanding clothing. Reda Rewoolution has taken it to the next level by creating a high-performance 100% pure Merino wool fabric that delivers breathability, temperature regulation and extreme comfort for people who love active and outdoor lifestyles. The result is completely natural, lighter and comfortable to wear. It revolutionises how we wear wool and epitomises the ultimate in Italian style. Reda decided to launch a vibrant end product that redesigns future trends by moulding the physicality of the human body and igniting the dynamism of sport and exercise. Completely free from synthetic fibres, Reda Rewoolution clothing is designed for people who love doing sport with the utmost respect for nature. A natural, high-performance collection that revolutionises the classic concept of wool.
    Reda selects the finest quality Merino wool from its farms in New Zealand, guaranteeing total traceability from the source. Reda controls the entire production process every step of the way. Plus it chose to certify the traceability of the fabrics so consumers know exactly where their clothes have come from. This journey of high-quality production begins in New Zealand, where the best sheep are bred, and can be traced right through to the Reda factory in Valle Mosso (BI) where everything is made.
    The true innovation of the brand can be found in its message: combine unique fibres with pure forms and colours to create a first-class fabric whose quest for quality, versatility and performance highlights the all-Italian know-how of people who understand the canons of style. Using a language filled with infinite nuances they experiment and convey innovative ideas to create a new balance between loving what you wear, technological performance and safeguarding the environment. These pivotal essentials inspire a new generation of Italian-style sportswear and leisurewear that’s irresistible to sportspeople and forges a new identity.
    Reda Rewoolution is made with renewable energy and raw materials, and harnesses traditional artisanal know-how to create a new concept of high-performance, sustainable, natural activewear.

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