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    21 June 2016
    Less than ten days to the closing of registrations for the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail®, the press conference took place yestarday morning, focused on presenting the second edition of an event that will take off on Friday July 29th starting at 12pm from Clusone for those participating in OUT, and the following morning at 10am from Carona, for those running for GTO. Starting times that have been moved up 2 hours and postponed 2 hours, respectively, compared to 2015, in order to further reduce the issues of overlapping of the two races, besides giving the chance to the two locations to enjoy even more the starting lines.
    The press conference brought up all actions and strategies implemented by Spiagames Outdoor Agency and Asso Orobica, looking forward to achieve improvements compared to the previous year.
    The entire work has all along been supported by the title sponsor Reda Rewoolution but also by Lovato Electric, Azotal and UBI Banca Popolare di Bergamo. In addition to these we will introduce you to even more entities and companies in a complete manner in the next press release. Besides these private ones we’d also like to mention the collaboration with many institutions of Bergamo and province, which in the last months, have organized meetings between the territory’s authorities with the goal to support, promote and give value to the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail® as an event that upholds Bergamo’s territory.
    Among the newest topics of this year, for sure what must be mentioned is the extension of an initial part of the Gran Trail Orobie in order to break up the group from the beginning, a logistic arrangement concerning many pre and post-race activities at the Pala Norda, thanks to a shuttle bus connecting it to the finish line in Piazza Vecchia; not to forget the passing through at the last refreshment point in the beautiful headquarters of Bergamo’s Parco dei Colli. In addition to these improvements there is also the double emergency plan, capable of effectively modifying the course both one week prior to the event and during the race.
    The announcement of the goodie bags as it was for the finisher t-shirt in the beginning of the month, has boosted the registrations that are now nearly 940, while as for the “non-competitive”  participants a number of activities are still on, such as the photo-contest, the activities involving the info points  and also Obiettivo GTO. Furthermore we’d like to add two new topics of this month: the opening of the volunteer-oriented website – www.volontariout.it – and the culinary appointments of Orobie Ultra Taste.
    The participation of OUT’s previous edition’s winners has also been confirmed, that means Marco Zanchi and Lisa Borzani, while at the starting list we will see also other top runners such as Jorge Maravilla (USA), Piotr Hercog (POL), Florian Schulz (GER), Pablo Criado (ESP), Pablo Barnes (ARG). Right after closing the registrations, we will draw up the starting lists and share the booklet both in English and Italian, including the complete schedule of the 2016 edition, besides announcing topic and guests of the evening conference that last year hosted Prof. Pietro Trabucchi.
    What we can do in the meantime is remind you that June 30th is the last day to sign up for the races…Don’t lose the chance to take place in this new exciting adventure that, after having showed the Orobie’s stunning nature, will be able to touch you with its unique arrival in Piazza Vecchia, Città Alta’s historic, architectural and cultural heart!

    To sign-up or to find out more: www.orobieultratrail.it
    Orobie Ultra-Trail® (OUT) -  Competition worth 6 UTMB® points
    140 km with 9.500 meters of elevation  gain – Starting from Clusone July 29th  2016 at 12.00 pm.
    46 hours maximum time for the race . It is required to have completed in the years 2014/2015/2016 an XL Ultra Trail® race or an L and an M.
    Gran Trail Orobie (GTO) – Competition worth 4 UTMB® points
    70 km with 4.200 meters of elevation gain – Starting from Carona July 30th 2016 at 10.00am.
    24 hours maximum time for the race. No participation requirement except for medical certificate.
    For info and press material:
    Press Office Orobie Ultra-Trail®
    via Borgo Palazzo 272, 24125 Bergamo
    info@outbg.it – pr@spiagames.it
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