31 July 2016
    The second edition of the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail® has recently ended and the enthusiastic crowd that animated Piazza Vecchia in Città Alta during the entire event has already given way to the chatter of curious tourists. The smiles and the satisfaction of more than 624 finishers, but above all, those of the winners of the two competitions, Oliviero Bosatelli and Petra Mücková for OUT and Grinius Gediminas together with Virginia Oliveri for GTO.
    These two competitions were made possible thanks to the coordination of Spiagames Outdoor Agency, a myriad of local entities and over 700 volunteers. The first of the competitions, the Orobie Ultra-Trail® - 140 kms and the elevation gain of 9,500 metres - started at midday on Friday 29th July in Clusone.
    From Piazza dell’Orologio to the finish line in Piazza Vecchia, Oliviero Bosatelli has always led the OUT race, closing in 24h08m with the advantage of more than one hour respect the next athletes Guido Caldara and Andrea Macchi. In the female race, the favourite and the winner of the 2015 edition, Lisa Borzani had to raise the white flag in the Rifugio Alpecorte, letting the leadership to Mücková Petra, who reached the Città Alta after 31h02 from departure and the podium to Plavan Marina and More Rossana.
    The same enthusiasm witnessed on the peaks of Valle Seriana was then repeated on the Saturday morning in Carona, when the 10:00 am starting gun saw 723 athletes set off along the 70 km long route with 4,200 m elevation gain of the Gran Trail Orobie. It was a star-studded and packed starting line thanks to the presence of 3 athletes currently in the UTWT top 10: Marco Zanchi, Grinius Gediminas and Gil Lopez Roberto.
    Just after the start, was the bergamasque, Luca Carrara from Mammut team, to give his rhythm and control the first part of the GTO race. But in the second half of the race, also because of unbearably hot, the followers were always closer and after the series of overtaking, the athletes reached the Città Alta: Gediminas Grinius (8h35m), Roberto Gil Lopez, Pablo Barnes,  Luca Carrara, Salvetti Carlo, Marco Zanchi e Michael Dola. The female race has seen the uncontested domination of Virginia Oliveri, never worried of possible overtaking of Escuriola Reula Sonia and Guerini Moira, the second and the third one.
    Behind the champions of the discipline, Città Alta saw an uninterrupted stream of athletes - 114 for OUT and 510 for GTO - who were then able to celebrate their efforts with a Reda Rewoolution ‘Finisher’ T-shirt. The last of continuous succession of athletes arrived on Sunday morning, at the close of the event, which has seen the impressive percentage of withdrawals: 18% for GTO and 46% for OUT. The numbers, especially for the long distance race, show clearly the difficulty of the itinerary, extremely technical, also in the opinion of the athletes.
    Once the competitive portion of the event came to an end, it was followed by a press conference and awards ceremony in an exceptional and unique location - Piazza Vecchia - the icing on the cake for this sporting event, which is able to combine the beauty of the mountains and the charm of the city, whose walls are now vying for the title of UNESCO World Heritage site.
    Thanks to suggestions gathered at last year’s event, the second edition boasted improved logistics, which was assisted by its collaboration with ATB (bus company) and by the shuttle service.
    It proved to be a celebration for the athletes but also for the local area, which was reaffirmed by Orobie Ultra Taste, a side event aimed at promoting Bergamasque excellence in food and wine, but also by the storytelling evening, which was animated by the honest words of Bergamo natives, Emilio Previtali and Lucio Bazzana.
    For the Reda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail® staff, it is time to achieve their own personal goal. A goal that is shared by all who worked together to ensure the success of the event, from the athletes to the volunteers, not to mention the partners, institutions and sponsors, and to whom we extend our most heartfelt and sincere thanks. With big pleasure we note that our worries and fears of last days, connected with the disagreeable episodes of sabotage, have been transformed in touching memory, even stronger and more important, thanks to the sharing with our people.
    We have already started the preparations to restore the trails to their natural state. Paths and mountain huts, always there waiting for you, to be used for training or a simple hiking trip – and remaindig you the initiative of GTO + MAGA = OUT. From today these places will benefit from the Orobie Active App, which includes both routes followed during the competition.
    OUT Male Winners

    1. Oliviero Bosatelli 24h08m48s Valetudo Skyrunning Italia
    2. Guido Caldara 25h20m23s
    3. Andrea Macchi 25h43m41s Atletica Gavirate
    OUT Female Winners

    1. Petra Muckova 31h02m27s Slovak Ultra Trail
    2. Marina Plavan 32h23m02s Valetudo Skyrunning Italia
    3. Rossana Moré 35h01m42 Runners Bergamo
    GTO Male Winners
    1. Gediminas Grinius 8h35m28s Team Vibram
    2. Roberto Gil Lopez 8h50m20s Team WAA
    3. Pablo Barnes 9h03m00s Salomon Berg Team
    Podio GTO Femminile

    1. Virginia Oliveri 10h43mm49ss Salomon Berg Team
    2. Escuriola Reula Sonia 11h28m00s Race Land
    3. Guerini Moria 11h40m32s Bione Trailers Team
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