4 July 2016 Friday, the 30th of June, 2016, the registrations for the 2nd edition ofReda Rewoolution Orobie Ultra-Trail® and Gran Trail Orobie were closed.

    Check via the search box on the ATHLETES LIST  if your registration is complete by checking your name, surname and Team, verifying your registration ID and in Medical Visit sticker. If you don`t find your datas in the list or if you find  some inconsistency send an email toiscrizioni@outbg.it in order to verify and correct problems.

    If you made the Payment and you aren’t in the starters list then it means that the payment via PayPal wasn’t been successful, or that you haven`t sent the payment receipt. Even in this case, please contact us at iscrizioni@outbg.it. If we don’t receive news from you within the July 8 your registration will be removed without refund.

    We will accept the submissions of Medical Certificate by the 8 July at 24.00, after which you can no longer upgrade your membership and you will no longer take part in the competition. Even in this case, the subscription will be canceled without refund.

    Verify on confirmation email the booking ofShuttle Bus, which will transport the athletes from the Race-Office in Bergamo to the place of departure, Clusone or Carona.

    Now you can still book the shuttle before th 16 July, 2016 at a cost of € 10.00 payable by bank transfer and by sending a notification to the email addressiscrizioni@outbg.it.

    During the enrollment validation it will be delivered only to those who have shown such a will and paid relative share during the online registration, a bracelet that will regulate access to the shuttles.
    You will receive soon more information about the logistics, the race-office and other details related to the event, in the while for further information about the race, write to info@outbg.it For further information onr registrations, write to iscrizioini@outbg.it
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